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Send us a picture of a catch you made with a Stillwater Lure and we’ll post it on this page. Or maybe you have a Stillwater Lures story to tell us? We’d like to hear it and post it for others to read! E-mail us at stillwaterlures@comcast.net

25" Striper

This 25-inch striper was caught by Outdoor writer Tim Shermanon on the 35H Smack-It Jr. Tim was fishing on the Patapsco River in October of 2012.

Kevin Hann

Stillwater Lures Striper

Not Only Smack It

I not only fish smack-its, but every time I fish I throw at least one. Your lures hands down out fish anything else I’ve ever tried. Thank you for making such an outstanding product!

Ticket for a 20lber!

The #96 Chartreuse Green Back was the ticket for this 20lber. One of numerous stripers I’ve landed with your Smack-it Jrs over the years. Love your product!